What Makes an Effective Zoom Class?–A Student’s Perspective

16 Ideas to Take Your Distance Learning Game to the Next Level

Source: DrawKit
Source: DrawKit

Part I: Before Class

1. Your Class is a Zoom Class.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

2. Audit and Improve Your Environment.

3. Provide a Class Agenda Beforehand.

4. Develop a Routine Structure for Your Class.

5. Make Tech Your Friend.

6. House All Class Materials in One Place.

Source: DrawKit

Part II: Beginning of Class

7. Recruit Students as TAs.

8. Warm Up the Crowd.

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Part III: During Class

9. Create Breakout Rooms With Deliverables.

10. Invite Students to Ask Questions.

11. Build in Breaks.

12. Adjust to Multiple Methods of Student-Teacher Communication.

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Part IV: End of Class

13. Give Students a Choice.*

14. Provide Simple Review Questions.

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Part V: After Class

15. Make Lecture Notes and/or Class Recordings Available.

16. Don’t Schedule Extra Help Manually.

Source: DrawKit

Final Thoughts

Aminah Aliu is an Innovator at The Knowledge Society and a senior in high school. She enjoys conversation with others, writing poetry, and learning about STEM.