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  • Valkyrie Holmes

    Valkyrie Holmes

    I am a seventeen-year-old biotech enthusiast from Vegas, interested in everything from Crypto to CRISPR.

  • Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine Walker

    15 year old TKS innovator focusing on stem cell applications towards degenerative tissue structures and the newest STEM innovations in major tech companies.

  • Daniel Pinto

    Daniel Pinto

    Editor at students x students (studentsxstudents.com) | High schooler | Join the mailing list (https://mailchi.mp/58ed8548e249/email-signup-landing-page)

  • Shareef Aliu

    Shareef Aliu

  • Ben Fowkes

    Ben Fowkes

  • Noel Hurst

    Noel Hurst

  • Ramy Zhang

    Ramy Zhang

    19, learner

  • Soumiya Sivasathiyanathan

    Soumiya Sivasathiyanathan

    Building infradian rhythm-centric productivity app for women + mobile app to manage drug prescription errors. Striving to instill meaningful change.

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