a free verse poem

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What Behavioral Economics Can Teach Us About Human Behavior & Decision-Making

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How Artificial Intelligence Facilitates an Extension of Human Bias, and What We Can Do About It

Source: MIT Sloan Review

Sometimes Kindness Can Be Uncomfortable, and That’s OK (TKS Seek Discomfort Challenge #2 )

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…and it’s in your living room? 🤖

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🤷🏾‍♀️ What is Ori?

TKS Session Reflections

The Thought Patterns Behind a Harvard Business School Case

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16 Ideas to Take Your Distance Learning Game to the Next Level

Source: DrawKit

Aminah Aliu

Aminah Aliu is an Innovator at The Knowledge Society and a senior in high school. She enjoys conversation with others, writing poetry, and learning about STEM.

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