a free verse poem

For my school’s 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly, I was tasked to write a poem about dreams. After some false starts and the requisite amount of writer’s block, I arrived at this piece.


for George Floyd

By the time I get to George, it is too late.

It is quiet, nightfall.

I cannot fall asleep, yet I cannot tell which version of the nightmare I’m in.

Yesterday, we laughed with all our teeth,

and today we pay the price.

And so I am desperate.

I put George’s head in my lap

I am trying to press the blood…

What Behavioral Economics Can Teach Us About Human Behavior & Decision-Making

A couple years ago, I learned the hard way not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

As I got into the car with my mom, I could hear my stomach growl loudly. I salivated at all of the delicious foods I would buy and promptly consume once I got out of the grocery store.

I don’t remember any of what was on my grocery list that day. All I remember is that, when I got in the car afterwards and looked through all of the grocery bags, they were all filled with ice cream, candy bars, and other…

How Artificial Intelligence Facilitates an Extension of Human Bias, and What We Can Do About It

As a person of color and child of immigrants, I’ve had first-hand experience with the prevalence of discrimination in society: from the neighborhoods we inhabit (housing discrimination) and the schools we attend (educational discrimination), to the jobs we occupy (employment discrimination) and the wages we receive for those jobs (pay discrimination), those in marginalized communities are often subjected to the stereotypes and prejudices of others.

As a younger kid, I might have thought that I could just escape this all by popping in a couple of earbuds, avoiding people, and living on the internet. But, WHAT FUN, it turns out…

Sometimes Kindness Can Be Uncomfortable, and That’s OK (TKS Seek Discomfort Challenge #2 )

A couple of weeks ago, it rained really hard. Like really, really hard. I know coming from a Californian, that doesn’t mean very much, but I assure you that that those couple of days saw more rain than the rest of 2020 combined.

So what, Aminah? Why’s the rain so special???

I thought you’d never ask! The rain was so special, precisely because I WAS NOT IN IT.

Want to know where I was?

Do you really?

I was snuggled under a thick blanket in my nice, warm bed, listening to the rain from inside the safety of my home…

…and it’s in your living room? 🤖

Everyone is asking, “When will robots take over the world?” but have you stopped to consider that robots may soon be taking over your living room?

With new companies–like Ori–bringing tech into the (often) static real estate space, it’s only a matter of time.

🤷🏾‍♀️ What is Ori?

Ori is a Brooklyn-based furniture design company that aims to aid city dwellers in maximizing the square feet of their apartments by providing elegant and durable furniture solutions. In places like Manhattan, where apartments recently cost an average $1,532 per square foot, maximization of space is becoming increasingly more essential. …

TKS Session Reflections

The Thought Patterns Behind a Harvard Business School Case

Harvard Business School–already popular and internationally-acclaimed–is well known for its instructional method dubbed “The Case Method.” Business cases are also used by major companies around the world as an effective approach to problem solving.

But what is the Case Method? How does it work?

According to the HBS website…

“[A] case is a 10–20 page document written from the viewpoint of a real person leading a real organization. In addition to background information on the situation, each case ends in a key decision to be made. …

16 Ideas to Take Your Distance Learning Game to the Next Level

Distance learning is hard, right? The headaches. The feet swelling. The fatigue. And on top of all of that, your lackluster classroom engagement does little to assuage your technological frustrations.

But what if that could change? What if you could take control of distance learning and make it a platform for meaningful interaction with your students rather than the daily deluge of dimly-lit and exhaustingly unproductive exchanges it currently is?

The ideas found in this article might be just what you’re looking for…

But, first, a little bit about me. My name is Aminah, and I’m a senior in California…

Aminah Aliu

Aminah Aliu is an Innovator at The Knowledge Society and a senior in high school. She enjoys conversation with others, writing poetry, and learning about STEM.

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